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A privately owned swimming pools does not usually require planning permission, however if the property is listed, sited in an area of outstanding natural beauty, a conservation area or will have an enclosure, planning permission will certainly be required. You may also want to take into consideration the following tips:

Photo floating to the right 1) To gain maximum use, pools are best positioned away from trees where possible to avoid leaf debris and away from walls and fences to allow mmaximum sunlight

2) Ensure that no obstructions run under the proposed location of the pool eg. electics.

3) Plan for the filter plant to be enclosed and site as close to the pool as possible, this will help pump efficiently and reduce the cost of pipework.

4) Identify the availabilty of the water supply.

5) Identify a suitable discharge point for the disposal of waste water used in the backwash filter.

6) Identify the proximity of the changing facilities and toilets to the pool.

7) In the interest of satefy, access to the pool should be from the shallow end, and we suggest that the pool be fenced off to minimise the possibility of accidents when unattended.

8) If the pool is to be heated, consideration needs to be made to the available supply of oil, gas or electricity.

9) During construction, unless you are hand digging, you will need to consider access for a mechanical excavator to the pool site.

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