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For those who own swimming pools, they know that having a Pool Cleaner is an essential part of keeping a pool in it's best condition, preventing damage to the lining/tiles, and also helping keep the filter system unblocked.

Aquabot Bravo The Aquabot Bravo is designed to clean any residential pool up to 70 square metres in size. Thanks to the patented Aqua Smart System, the Bravo will automatically brush, vacuum and microfilter dirt, debris and contaminants from the pool’s floor walls, while simulaneously scrubbing the waterline....all in approximately one hour!

Prior to the Aqua Smart System all robotic cleaners functioned randomly lacking a systematic cleaning pattern, and ultimately required an excessive 6 hours to thoroughly clean an entire swimming pool.

The Aquabot Bravo’s on board 2 micron filter bag allows all debris and fine dirt to be collected in the bag for emptying after use. The Aquabot’s on board filter bag increases the working life of your swimming pool filter as it collects dirt and debris that would normally gather in your pool filter. Your pool filter would then need backwashing to clear the filter, which not only wastes water, but also wastes pool chemicals and heat as the pool then needs topping up with cold water. The Aquabot filter bag simply needs to be rinsed thoroughly under a cold tap after use, or can even be put in the washing machine on a cold rinse (with no detergent).

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Aquabot Viva The Aquabot Viva employs all the functions of the Aquabot Bravo, and more. It’s equipped with two DC high speed motors and features a revolutionary radio remote control system which gives the Viva the unique ability to spot clean troublesome areas of the pool at the touch of a button.

A special dual function option allows the user to choose between 2 cleaning programmes;
1. Clean the bottom of the pool only,
2. Clean the floor and walls.

Using the Aqua Smart System, the Viva will completely clean up to 100 square metres in approximately 1.5 hours. Fully independent, the Viva works without any connection hoses, hook-up booster pumps, or suction lines. It requires no installation, no supervision with minimal maintenance. Plug it in, drop it into the pool and turn it on! When the cleaning cycle is over the Viva will turn itself off automatically.

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